2 blade fixed pitch propellers for 2 stroke engines 

  Rotax 447,   Rotax 503,   Rotax 532,   Rotax 582,   Hirth  ...

Designed, among others, for the American Rans ultralights: Coyote, Airaile, Sacota; and for Quick Silver, Flamingo, Chickinox, Tango, Bingo, Zenair etc. and for any other  amateur construction.

Propellers machined from a block of laminated wood of maximum width 130 mm by 50 mm thick and length according to diameter.

The standard final finish is transparent acrylic varnish

Prices  (21% VAT for Europe not included) 

diameter up to: €
 42"(106 cm) 200
 45"(115 cm) 205
 52"(132 cm) 215
 62"(157 cm) 260
 68"(173 cm) 325

For propellers with different dimensions from those shown above, please consult us for prices.     





The price of a double propeller (4 blades) is the sum of the prices of the two propellers comprising it according to its diameter.



Shielding of leading edges of 2-blade propeller              .............   75 €

Lacquer in one colour plus tips                                     .............   90 €

"Aviation" lacquer (one colour + non-reflecting black on 
rear surfaces + tips)                                                      .............  110 €

 You may possibly be interested in a variable pitch propeller



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