Variable Pitch Propellers Adjustable on the Ground



  • Variable pitch propellers which can be adjusted on the ground offer the possibility of adjusting the pitch at your convenience, adapting it to the use you wish to make of the ultralight, optimising take-off, cruising, or an intermediate solution.
  • They are advisable when available space is limited, (4-blade if the space is very limited) as in this way we manage to obtain the total blade surface area necessary with a proportionate blade shape which affords a better performance than a propeller with very broad blades. 3 - 4 blades of normal breadth are better than 2 - 3 very broad blades.
  • The propeller will also operate more smoothly and more balanced as the mass of the blades is better distributed over the propeller disk.

 is a 3-blade best?

3-blade propellers up to 64" (163 cm) diameter ...... 535 €

4-blade propellers up to 66" (166 cm) diameter ...... 700 €


Shielding of 3-blade propeller            ......   90 €

Shielding of 4-blade propeller            ...... 105 €

"Aviation" lacquer 3-blade                 ...... 105 €

"Aviation" lacquer 4-blade                 ...... 120 €

 "Aviation" lacquer consists of painting all over the blades in one colour (white, grey, blue, etc... ) with the reverse surfaces of the blades painted in non-reflecting black and the front tips in another colour (red, white, orange, etc... )




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