AEROBAT was born in the early 1980's, founded by Jose Miguel Batalla, a physicist who was one of the pioneers of ultralight aviation in Spain.


When he passed from hang gliding to motorised flight, his curiosity and interest in research led him to hand craft his own propellers, both for himself and a few pilot friends. Having measured both an increase in performance and a fuel saving of 20% compared with the original propellers of the early ultralights, he had the idea of creating AEROBAT, a company which designs, manufactures, sells and repairs ultralight aviation propellers, and also sells ultralights.

From the very beginning Aerobat's fundamental principles have been the quality of the products from the basis of design to the  choice of materials and of course the most demanding finishes.


A constant desire to research and experiment in order to achieve substantial improvement in our products and in the whole  manufacturing process led us, in the early twenty-first century to make a technological leap into 3D

computer design and manufacture by CNC numerical control in major new premises which have given us both a considerable production capacity and an unlimited design capacity.


Our equipment for design and manufacture by numerical control, along with the large database which we have built up over the years and our skilled team of craftsmen who put the finishing touches of fine-tuning and balancing our propellers, make our products stand out for quality; and above all, we never lose sight of the need to give our clients the best possible service so that they make enjoy their flying to the full.

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