The topless QuikR is the fastest and most advanced weightshift today with a 100MPH cruise and slow 40MPH stall. With a 450kg maximum takeoff weight and tested to +6 and -3gm the wing has been rig tested for pitch stability. The quick rig and de-rig facility helps to use as little hangar space as possible and in as little as 5 minutes. The QuikR complies with BCAR Section S issue 4 which is the toughest airworthiness standard in the world. 

The QuikR is a no-nonsense high-speed touring aircraft ideal for eating up the miles with a hands-off trim range of 65MPH - 100MPH using the unique electric trimmer as first used on the original Quik. Now with a strut-braced topless wing, distinctive winglets, and slightly increased wing area of 11.43 Sq m.

The Quik just got quicker!



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