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How to buy?

You can purchase directly over the internet, sending us an email with your details and those of the propeller you need, its diameter, pitch, which way it rotates (to the right or left looking in the flight direction), mounting bolts & if the propeller is pull (at the front) or push (at the rear), for example: 62 40 L pull, mounting Rotax 6xM8 in 75 mm.

Alternatively, if you don’t know exactly what propeller you need, give us the fullest possible information of the aircraft (cruising speed…), of the engine (power, cubic capacity, RPM), and of the reduction gear (mechanics, pulleys, reduction relation), if the propeller is pull or push and the maximum diameter available for us.

With these details we can study which propeller is best suited to your requirements and we shall reply as soon as possible, offering you a specific model together with the estimate. contact us.

With regard to payment method, the most frequent is bank transfer.

Discounts are available for volume.

Use the form below if you need additional information or wish to place an order.